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The RoofCrafters Disaster Relief Team: Experienced Roofing Professionals When and Where You Need Them Most!

“What makes your team an ideal homeowner choice?”

1. The Experience of Our Project Planners and Roofers.

When we dispatch the Disaster Relief Team you will get some of RoofCrafters’ most talented and capable team members. At RoofCrafters when we come to help after a storm it typically means that we have been asked by insurance companies in our area to help their clients get fast, quality service from a reputable company. You get the best because we’re always working to keep our exceptional people as part of our RoofCrafters team, and our local reputation and relationships are on the line.

Many local contractors, on the other hand, may try to expand too quickly by hiring less-experienced or inexperienced people to meet the unusually high demand for their services. Growing too fast has painful consequences for both the contractor and you as a customer!

Additionally, after a hurricane or significant hail storm, there also tends to be a lot of fly-by-night people and companies who have unscrupulous business practices and no traceable roots anywhere. Nightmares include such things as: putting you at risk by operating without insurance, taking down payments and not performing the work, illegally paying insurance deductibles, providing low quality materials and craftsmanship, and failing to honor warranties.

2. High Quality Roofing Installation Rarely Offered in Post-Storm Environments.

When we’re working disaster relief, RoofCrafters installs lifetime pipe flashings, an ice and water shield that provides additional protection around all vulnerable leakage areas on your roof (i.e. all pipes, valleys, walls, chimneys) and warranties you can count on. We include a Systems Plus warranty direct from GAF-Elk, the largest shingle manufacturer in the U.S, on all shingle roofs the Disaster Relief Team installs. We are able to extend this warranty because we’re a certified contractor. Because we have the highest level of GAF-Elk certification we can also offer a Golden Pledge warranty for those interested in investing in even greater peace of mind via the best warranty available on the market.

Under high volume roof repair conditions, like those produced by hail storms and hurricanes, we often see high quality roofing materials put on haphazardly, the use of inferior roof decking, poor valley and tie-in applications, re-use of damaged or dented gas caps on vents that can be unsafe or leak, and the use of plastic pipe flashings. The use of cheap accessories/components and low quality installation can cause a roof to leak prematurely, sometimes causing a 50-year roofing system to leak within just a couple of years or less. Poor quality can sometimes be seen with the human eye, and sometimes it lays dormant for some years. Unfortunately, it almost always leaves you regretting that you got far less than you thought you were paying for!

3. A 40+ Year Old Company with a Competent Professional Staff and Processes

Count on your roofing project being completed with the same care that we’ve built our reputation on in the Central Texas area! Our Project Planners will educate you on your choices, help you increase the energy efficiency of your home or business, work with your insurance provider as needed, and ensure that your job is completed as agreed upon. Our contracts spell out in very specific detail exactly what you and RoofCrafters’ Project Planner have agreed upon. Our nation-wide network of vendors and our roofing professionals will ensure that you get the quality of materials and workmanship that will turn heads in your neighborhood and keep you glad you chose RoofCrafters for many years to come! We also have the equipment and resources to relocate metal forming machines, generators, membrane welders, etc. quickly if that’s what your job requires. Our liability insurance and warranties will let you sleep easy at night both during roofing installation and for many years to follow. And, yes, we’re high tech! No matter where our Disaster Team travels they can quickly and easily access your job specification files and your warranty information. They’re as plugged into the home office as though they were walking through our office doors every morning! By calling 1-888-299-5552 you can talk with anyone of our experienced office or tech people.

In post-storm conditions it’s not uncommon for someone to look at your job quickly, jot a number down on the back of a business card or write a few lines of description on a contract and ask you to do business with them. This is a set up for disaster! No professional roofing company is going to ask you to trust them to do what you’ve discussed verbally. Look for the caliber of professionalism that assures you they will deliver both the exact materials described and the quality of workmanship implied. And, if you ever do need them to honor a warranty, you’ll be able to find them and they’ll be able to find you in their system!

4. A Disaster Relief Team that Treats You Like the Good Neighbor You Are.

Getting a great roof and quality installation is why you do business with a roofing company, but at RoofCrafters we make sure you’re glad you chose us. While nearly everyone is friendly when they’re selling you a roof, RoofCrafters makes sure we actually put your interests and needs front and center. We invest the time you need to make an educated choice and then we partner with you every step of the way to ensure you get friendly, courteous service. From your first meeting with our Project Planner, to your interactions with our office staff and tech people, to that final inspection, our goal is to make sure your experience with RoofCrafters is a great one and that you become one of our many satisfied customers. We’re the contractor of choice for many insurance agents because they know they can count on us take care of their customers the way they want them to be taken care of!

Reputable insurance companies know what it takes to have a professional roofing company do your job right and make sure you and your home or business are taken care of in the process. Rather than selling yourself short, and inviting the unnecessary stress and headache inexperienced or unscrupulous companies bring into your life, make sure the company you do business with treats you with dignity and respect and truly has your best interests at heart. This is rarely the case when someone offers to illegally pay your deductible!

5. A Guarantee that We’ll Work With You to Meet Your Insurance Timelines.

RoofCrafters will work with you to get your job completed in a time frame that works best for you, as well as look at your insurance company’s time-lines to make sure that we can install a quality roof within the time they allot. While it is always a good idea to wait for a roofing contractor who will get your job done right, it is also important to know how much time your insurance company allows from the time of the storm until roof replacement must be complete usually one year. It can be very costly when this deadline is missed. We recently had a customer with three rental properties and a personal home that exceeded the allowed time frame to replace her hail damaged roofs and it cost her approximately $15,000 more than she would have otherwise been required to pay. It was almost as painful for us as it was for her! If we know there’s a reason for delay, we’ll be happy to work with your insurance company to file for a needed extension.

Companies that are out to make a quick buck rarely ask all of the right questions or educate you on aspects of insurance policies that are common knowledge to those in the industry. It is important that you have a sense that the roofing contractor you select has slowed down enough to understand your particular needs and time-line and will honor these.

Need a Professional Roofing Company to meet your needs or interested in learning more about RoofCrafters? Click here to request your free estimate and consultation today!

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