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RoofCrafters – Your Quality Austin Remodeling Contractors

We all daydream about ways that we could improve our homes…(Add on a deck? Remodel the kitchen?)

But few of us have the time or expertise to make it happen. Let RoofCrafters be your Austin remodeling contractor! The same diligence and craftsmanship we bring to our roofing and siding work can also do its magic inside your home. Whether it’s replacing doors and windows as part of your siding replacement project or a total kitchen redo, we can help.

Work by Austin home remodeling contractor, Austin TXWorking with our Project Planners, you can talk through the way you dream about your kitchen, bathroom, or master bedroom being. Together, we’ll talk through your options to make those dreams a reality, and discuss choices within your budget. If a piece of the project is outside of our normal scope, we’ll make sure the job is done by a fully licensed professional who meets our standards. We love helping our customers fall back in love with their homes. How can we help you?

Roofers doing remodeling?!

While we started as a roofing business, the thing that drives us is the pursuit of excellence. When you pull off a roof or the siding, it’s not unusual to find structural damage or things that should be repaired while access is easy. With the run-of-the-mill roofer, it’s not that unusual to find that they just covered it over, because they low-balled the bid. Often, the homeowner is stuck with a roof that starts leaking again, or never stopped leaking.

We like to make things right, and we hire the best craftsmen we can find. That carpentry expertise is essential when you are replacing a roof or doing substantial structural repairs.

Before and after pictures, Austin home remodeling contractors RoofCraftersOur clients like talking to our project planners about the work needed for a quality job, and often see it as a chance to fix the damage and do a little extra, like adding insulation or replacing windows and doors. Over the years, it seemed like every other client wanted to talk about help with updating or improving other areas in the home, or adding a room, a deck, or enclosing a porch, and we listened. Once you’ve earned a client’s trust, they want you to help with the work. We bring our same values of quality and craftsmanship, love for all things green and efficient, and commitment to the best possible outcome to our remodeling projects. It sets us apart from lots of other Austin remodeling companies, and that’s why so many of our remodeling clients started as roofing clients.

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